Date: Saturday 27 July 2024

Time: 12:00pm

Place: Ossipee Lake

Live Music Venue

Coming July 27, 2024

Stay tuned!

What is Ossipee Lake Dock fest? 

Ossipee Lake Dock fest is the first of its kind ANYWHERE! 

We have taken the idea of the popular Porchfests that have sprung up all over the country (with great success) and anticipate this event will be hugely successful by bringing together multiple genres of local music to the waterfront for the community to enjoy.

Nothing says “Live Free or Die” like hearing beautiful music coming from your neighbors jamming on their porch, or maybe they have an acoustic player or band for a private event and wish you were there to enjoy it in person? 

Ossipee Dock fest will allow you to cruise, paddle or sail around Ossipee Lake and enjoy multiple bands, playing on private docks, yards, porches, garages on the shore so that you and your fellow boaters will be able to slow down, stop, anchor and enjoy from the water.

We will match volunteer hosts with volunteer bands beginning immediately.  If you own waterfront property or have an association beach that would enjoy hosting, please let us know!

This event will be completely free for the entire Ossipee Lake community to enjoy and will rely entirely on donations, sponsorships and many helping hands!

If you know someone or a business that would like to become a sponsor, please contact them through FB messenger the Dockfest FB page