Trails Closed

March 15th, 2021

After a limited but all in all great year, it is with great sadness our BOD has decided to close the trails for the season. The trails have diminished quickly and with the warm weather on its way it is sure to finish them off! We want to thank everyone involved in making this season another great one in Scrub Oaks country. We also want to thank all the land owners, without you our trails system would not there! To all our members and guests thank you all for your support and please respect our land owners by staying off the trails until they open next season! Stay tuned for work parties to bring in signs and off season trail work. Also keep an eye out for upcoming events to include but not limited to, the Canoe / Kayak Trip, Luau and Lobster and Steak Feed. Don’t forget the monthly meeting on April 17th. Also a tentative Clubhouse clean up the same weekend! We will also be continuing some upgrades and repairs to the clubhouse this summer so please watch the web, FB and keep an eye out for e-mails. Thank you all for helping the club and enjoying our trail great trail system! We are all looking forward to next year. Have a great summer and we hope to see you around during the off season!

2021 March General Meeting

March 14th, 2021

To all we will be holding a General Meeting for March @ the Clubhouse This coming Saturday the 20th the time has been adjusted to 4:00 pm. Details are below. If you have questions please contact any BOD member.


  • General Meeting March 20 at the clubhouse @ 4:00 pm
  • There will be no dinner
  • There will be no zoom capabilities
  • Masks will be required
  • Social Distancing will be required
  • If you do not want to attend please have questions or concerns sent to a BOD member prior to the day of the meeting
  • If you would like copies of previous meeting minutes please contact a member of the BOD to get the prior to the March meeting.
  • If you are working or plan on working an event and require funds you should provide the budget for said event so it can go to the financial committee and BOD Budget voting is covered in the April meeting but we need time to review. (this does not need to be at that meeting but wouldn’t hurt)
  • There will be a couple items we need to vote on in March due to timing requirements
  • The BOD will provide meeting minuets to anyone requesting by the following Saturday via e-mail or mail
  • BOD elections are in April if you are looking to run for a position please let the BOD know all positions are available Current BOD is willing to stay on.
  • BOD contact information is on the Website under the club officers tab.

Trail Update 03/012/2021

February 3rd, 2021

This week’s weather was not trail friendly!  With the strong March sun and the late week above average temps our system took a major hit.  We were forced to close some trails, however, many still remain open.  Our plan, if temps allow, is to get out tonight and hit them one more time to fill in some spots and cover others.  Surprisingly, trails to the clubhouse are not too bad.  Trout pond loop and airstrip area are good and trails out of Danforth Bay Camping area remain good.  Mary’s Mt bypass is closed however.  Unless we get a significant amount of snow and cold weather, my believe is, this will be the last chance to get out there and ride in our area.  Conditions could change quickly, so keep an eye on Facebook for last minute updates.

Jodi is expecting to have the clubhouse open this Saturday with a limited capacity. Covid restrictions are tight and we will continue to do our best to accommodate. The clubhouse bathroom will be closed to all but the workers. We will have a porta potti on site. Please be patient with the volunteers they are doing their best. Please make sure to bring masks, you will not be allowed in the building without them. Time inside will be limited to ordering, serving food and merchandise only.  The kitchen window from the main entrance area has been set up as a service window.

Thank you all for your support.


Pending Storm

February 1st, 2021

Ok all, pending storm coming up and we may actually get some good snow. As stated previously we need to get a decent amount and sustainable snow meaning heavier not just fluff. Currently the trails & gates will remain closed. The groomer operators will need to get out there to work their magic. We know everyone is itching bad but please give the guys some time to get the trails packed and groomed. Providing the snow amount and condition there is a good chance we will open for the weekend. We will be seeing early riding conditions so watch for open area’s and water bars. We will do our best to fill them in. Also we have been advised Silver Lake has large open water and many unsafe ice conditions. Please stay off. Thank you all for your support and let’s hope this one brings us the white stuff!