2023 Annual Meeting / Landowner Appreciation Dinner

April 10th, 2023

This year we will be celebrating
our 50th year on May 20th @ 4pm at

The Farmstand B & B

1118 Page Hill Rd, Chocorua NH

Dinner will be $35.00 per person, children under 18 $15.00

Includes BBQ with sides, cheese plate & dessert.

Anyone attending will be entered into a raffle for a set of 50th year cornhole boards sponsored by The Yankee Smokehouse

This is a B.Y.O.B Event!

RSVP by purchasing your meal on square, to reserve your seat ~ space is limited.


Use the below link to go straight to our Square Store to purchase your meal.


Deadline to RSVP is Monday May 8th in order to plan for the event.

Questions Contact: Gail Bennett call or text 978.427.2056 or email sosclub@sossc.com


March 24th, 2023

To all our members & guests. Thanks to Mother Nature the time has come, and we must close the trails for the 2022-2023 season. We will be out closing the rest of the gates today. Please respect our Landowners and do not ride any of the system, do not go around any gates or through if they have not been shut yet.

We would like to thank all of you, our Landowners, our members, our guests, all the volunteers that helped at open houses, trail work & any event we had. We want to thank all the groomer operators that spent endless hours building, working, and grooming our trails to keep them in the best shape possible. With out all of you we would not have the club and the season we had. Keep an eye out for end of season work parties and summer activities. We have a lot of fun to have and work to do for next season! Thank you all!

Trail Update 3/20/23

March 20th, 2023

To all, many of the “outside” gates have been closed.

Currently, we are not closing the system.

There is still good to great riding in the air strip, trout pond area, out to “T” junction, out to “M” junction up to bald ledge and out Goe Hill to the club house.

Be aware there are open water holes on the airstrip use caution, there are some dirt area’ in a few spots on “T” to “M junctions & on Ami Kennett. Other than that, the trails are good to great. All listed have been groomed as of last night. Ride with caution and remember there are gates closed. Enjoy and hopefully this will last a little longer. Get out and grab one last ride! Thank you all for your support and we hope you have had a great season during one that was not friendly to us!

Trails closed, “F” corral – 41 E & W to silver lake out past Fred Jones Bridge through Calumet out to “I”. The powerlines, lead mine road, out “E” to “G” and to the clubhouse through winter road via “Q”. Presidential through Danforth Bay out to “O” the switchbacks and the trail to the chimney & young’s hill road (to Maine) Gates and Cables closed @ T to switchbacks, “V” uphill from “U” / black brook, the big gate on black brook, the cable & gate in calumet and off Ossipee Lake Road. To be closed today, Cable @ “41W” & “D” off Silverlake. Ossipee Lake Road Parking area gate is open and best place to start from, the marina trail gate is open as well.

Please do not go around gates or cables. Respect our landowners’ properties.

The NHSA Map APP has been updated to reflect these changes.

All trails shown in black are closed!

Trail Update 3/16/23

March 16th, 2023

So, we got another blast of heavy wet snow, although we have 2 full days to the weekend and questionable weather coming at this time, we will remain open. Most trails as of today have been packed or groomed. The powerlines and Leadmine road are closed as well as junction D to 41E as there is a lot of mud, water, and rocks.

Calumet and the trail next to Ossipee Lake road are currently ok but very spring like conditions and will be questionable at best this weekend. Ossipee Lake road to Fred Jones Bridge is in great shape overall, 41 to F is in pretty good shape, watch for open water holes forming. The airstrip is showing signs of water holes but overall, in good shape, the main trails out to black brook, E junction, to G are in good to great shape. There is a good water hole after G junction, but you can sneak around it. After that to the clubhouse is good. “Three Fingers” T junction out to M in good shape, bald ledge currently in great shape, Mover Goe hill to the clubhouse is in good to great shape. Switchbacks are in good shape, T to top of the switchbacks has some rough trail but overall good. The chimney trail has not been evaluated as of today.

We also managed to run the tracks from F to community Market including the Bob Silva Bridge. They are ok overall, rails showing in places, some short areas wide open but much of trail is good!

At the end of the day this morning most of the system is good to great shape.

This will likely be it for the season. Warm weather coming.

Get out and get one last ride. The end is near!

We hope to update on the web and FB with more info by the end of the week.

The SOS Clubhouse will be open Saturday regardless as we will be cooking Corned Beef & Cabbage for the meeting. Come by warm up and grab a bite to eat.