Membership Information

December 4th, 2022

Hello all, we are getting a lot of questions about how to join the club, so we are sending info again to help out. If you still have any questions, contact Jim Habib @ or the club @

The best and fastest way is to go right to the NHSA Member Portal on-line, link below. This Link is direct to the Scrub Oak Scramblers page on the NHSA Portal.

If you prefer you can still mail in a form with a check, and we can enter you into the portal and get you your voucher. This is one takes the longest time as it goes through the mail and has to get to Jim and entered.

You can also pay though our square store but will also require you to mail or email a form, so we have your info. However, if you have been a member in the last couple years, we can access your info so you may not need to send a form. If you are a new member will need the form or you can join online through NHSA. The Square Link is below.

The Form is located on our membership page on this site.

01 2022-2023 Membership Expires On June 30, 2023 | Scrub Oak Scramblers (

We hope this help again if you need help the BOD info is located on our website @ or you can email us @



December Updates

November 16th, 2022

We would like to give a quick shout out to all the members that have come out for trail work we have had a lot to do with more to go. Many of you show up on Saturday and sometimes other days during the week and do what you can to help get the trails ready. Thank you for all you do!

Next all the volunteers helping with the meetings and cooking food. without you would not have such great things to eat before our meetings! Thank you for all you do!

Our next General Meeting is our Christmas Dinner &Annual Yankee Swap Christmas Party 

December 17th, 6:15 with meeting to follow.

Don’t forget all your snowmobile friends and family are looking for SOS gear for Christmas. 

So, jump on-line or come by the clubhouse when we are around & fill your shopping baskets with shirts, tumblers, stickers coins, headbands, groomer shirts & even super raffle tickets while supplies last. Be the envy of all other clubs by sporting your SOS gear!



Last but not least we are still doing work parties on Saturdays. 7:30 @ the clubhouse for breakfast then try to hit the trails. below is a tentative list for this coming weekend.

Be advised we are tracking rain for Saturday, although we do tend to work in the rain it is getting colder, and we don’t want people getting sick. We are still on schedule but if the rain is heavy, we may try to postpone till Sunday. If you are around and able to help let us know. We will try to post to FB with updates as that is the fastest way.

All items on the list are tentative based on people, weather & availability of equipment needed!

  • May be able to leaf blow some of the club property due to snow melting
  • Repair the ribbon lake side calumet (has fallen down)
  • Re-install idler on 1000
  • A couple filters on tucker 1000
  • Repair winch on 1000
  • Install cutter support on small drag removed during welding
  • Mount toolbox on orange drag fill with tools and signs (shovels, grade stakes, signs)
  • Grab steel from the Marina
  • Re-sign temp trail to lake at dam (possibly move the dock over some)
  • Wet area, calumet behind Dave G needs chips – Rip Raf
  • Wet area, behind log yard near big bridge needs chips – Rip Raf
  • Evaluate X junction Bridge – Check Chimney Trail
  • Signage near P Junction
  • Brushing if enough people TBD
  • Ribbon & Signs Dr Ford’s reroute
  • Ribbon Calumet Camp Side
  • Install Gate at Mount View
  • Goe hill to Amy Kennet trail for excavator work

Another Drags in the Books

October 17th, 2022

Just a bit of info on the Drags We would like to thank our fearless leader Rich Ventura for taking on the event again this year. I heard it was a great time and at the end of the day a huge success. Also, a thank you to all that volunteered in anyway before, during and after the event. You all made it what it is.

Thank you to all the workers, volunteers the town of Fremont the property owners, NHSA anyone that helped make this happen and of course our fearless leaders Evelyn Ferrell and Roger Wright who spent countless hours all year long to make this event what it is!

Thank you to our supporters that make this event happen for us without your help we would not be able to make this happen! If you are in the area, please support these businesses!

Yankee Smoke House Ossipee NH

Coca Cola of Conway NH

Community Market & Deli Madison NH

Mad Cow Screen Printing Tamworth NH

Dennis Paper & Foods Hampden Me

Lowe’s Conway NH

Danny’s Canteen

Members of Scrub Oak Scramblers






September 14th, 2022

Hello all our Scrub Oak’s Family.

It is that time of the year again! The season is coming into full swing. Grass Drags baby! Race into Winter is upon us. SOS once again will be having our food booth at the grass drags, this our biggest fundraiser of the season. Can you say TURKEY LEGS?

Preparations have been underway for some time and are escalating quickly!

What do we need from you? Well were glad you asked! We are looking for piles of help!

It takes a good 12+ people to run the event smoothly each day. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday the more people we have we can do shorter shifts and rotate so everyone is not working all the time. The club provides wrist bands for entry which also grants you access to the event. If you can work 4-5 hours you can go enjoy the event on us.

We need to add names of people working the event to a list for the Drags committee for wrist bands. Let us know as soon as you can.

Below is a schedule with descriptions of what we will need from you. All this info is subject to change but is a good rundown of what we have to do!

Deliver the trailer to the Drags (trailer will weight around 10,000lbs)

Pick up the trailer and bring back to clubhouse

Deliver and pick up the smoker trailer

Pick up our Turkey legs in Londonderry (will require a pick up or small trailer and will need to go into a garage overnight both for thawing and keep animals away) October 5th

October 1st trailer loading @ the SOS clubhouse

October 5th Pick up the Turkey legs in Londonderry NH

October 6th  time TBD unload the trailer and set up the booth

October 7th 7:00 – 7:30 we try to provide breakfast for workers and other vendors

October 7th the rest of the morning we finish setting up, the event starts at 2:00 and runs to 9:00 we are in full swing at this point (12+people)

October 8th 7:00- 7:30 for providing breakfast again 9:00 – 6:00 Drags open we are again in full swing. (12+ people all day)

October 9th 7:00- 7:30 for providing breakfast again 9:00 – 6:00 Drags open we are again in full swing. (12+ people all day)

October 9th 6:00 we need to tear down the booth and load the trailer for delivery back to the clubhouse

October 15th 7:30 for trailer unloading at the clubhouse, we will have breakfast available and once complete we will head into the woods for trail work

Please let us know if you can help contact Sean Pinard at 603-785-4907 or via email at