Grass Drags Volunteer Program / Club Fundraiser

June 22nd, 2022

The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association is looking for enthusiastic groups of volunteers to help during our snowmobile race, held annually on Columbus Day weekend. Jobs include parking cars, taking admission, security and safety.

Club Fundraising – The Simple Way!
One of the best opportunities for clubs to raise cash is by volunteering at the Grass Drags and Watercross. Many clubs raise thousands every year, several over $7,000!

All the planning and organization is handled by the NHSA, all your club needs to do is sign-up in advance and volunteer.

NHSA will pay per hour for every hour you work directly to your club. This is a great fundraiser for the club and much needed help for NHSA & and the Grass Drags our official start to the season!

Go to NHSA for more info or to sign up.

Answers to FAQ for Volunteering at Race Into Winter on the NHSA website.

End of Riding Season but not the END

March 17th, 2022

To all our Members & Guests, although this year like so many in recent years was short and snow has been questionable to say the least, we would like to acknowledge that we had a pretty good winter overall. The trails for the time we had them were top notch not only to our amazing groomer operators but pre-season prep work by all our members and volunteers. We managed to pull off a handful of open houses which were a huge success. Winter Carnival although seemed to wait for final call even during the wee hours of the night before we managed to pull off and also was a great success. At the end of the day Winters are becoming a real work of art and it is the continued support of our Landowners, the volunteers, members and guests of our Club and system that make this all happen and well worth all the efforts!

For so many snowmobiling all aspects of it, is a way a life, a past time, a hobby & a release to make life so much better!

In short we would like to thank all of you, our members, our landowners, volunteers, all the members that take on a chair position & head something up and all the people that help them, the ones you see out there maybe in the groomers or at an event, the people behind the scenes you almost never see but work countless hours to make sure things are ready and all the guests who visit our system, our open houses and events.

Trails Update 2/28/22

February 28th, 2022

To all, as you all know the warm weather both times put a hurting on our trail system as with other systems. The recent snow was not very helpful overall. It was dry fluffy snow and fell on Icey trails. After packing we were limited to at best a couple inches added to icy trails and in some area’s dirt already. Grooming continued this past Saturday night and many trails were brough back to life in some capacity.  Warmer temps Sunday did not help much it was not bad but not helpful. We are going to try to get out in the next night or 2 to re-evaluate once again and groom if possible.

At this time the trails remain open however, concerns are icy conditions, open water bars, running water, low snow with rocks and stumps showing and dirt areas. Ride with caution and be prepared to turn around. Please do not ride off trail and on what is grassy area’s in our landowners properties. As always respect our landowners and their property, without them we have nothing.

We will update once again as soon as we can.


2022 SOSSC Winter Carnival / Ride In

February 15th, 2022

Once again we had an amazing Winter Carnival and against all odds. The day before the airstrip was un-usable. The volunteers and Groomer Operators came through 10 fold. Everything was ready to go by the morning. During the morning we not only had one generator not start but before we got one there and running we had 3 others not start. But somehow SOS did it again!

We want to thank our leaders Amber and Rachel for taking the helm and pulling this together. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped loading – unloading and working the event. Also thank you to the volunteers at the Open House. Thank you to all our donators and supporters and all the attendees that come out in questionable snow to support us and take ride on the system. With much of the state shutting trails down due to Mother Nature being mean and nasty to us we managed to hold our system and put another amazing Winter Carnival in the books.

Here are the winners of the raffles:

$25.00 to Pub 49 – Nicholas A. Spanos Jr. & Charlotte D.

Tucker Travel Mug – Glenn

$25.00 Dunkin Donuts – Dave A.

Community Market & Deli – Large Cheese Pizza – Nick Spanos

Community Market & Deli – Large Cheese Pizza – Rich

Community Market &Deli – Large Cheese Pizza – Glenn

$30 to Harley Jack’s – Nick Spanos

$25 to Scrub Oak Scramblers – Christian D.

Ride 603 Grey Hoodie – Eli

Community Market &Deli – Large 1 topping pizza- Chris C.

Community Market & Deli – Large 1 topping pizza – Glenn

Community Market & Deli – Large 1 topping pizza – Daigle

$25 to 99’s Restaurant – Jim Blute

$10 to Yankee Smokehouse – Melissa

$25 to Indian Mound Pizza – Linda

Stihl Pruner – Jason Roach

50/50 winner – JR

Poker Run Winners:

Tammy Gooch $50 “K high”

Fred Aston $20 “pair of J’s”

Lyn Bernard $15 “pair of 10’s, A high”

All winnings will be at the Scrub Oak Scramblers clubhouse this Saturday the 26th for pickup.

Congratulations to all our winners!