The Grass Drags are less than a month away. We are looking for volunteers to work the SOS food booth.

Once again we will be selling our famous turkey legs as well as hamburgers, hotdogs, Italian sausage and pulled pork sandwiches! We are looking for members to help with cooking, serving and any other function needed during the event. We are looking to set up Thursday night the 10th if possible and the event runs Friday 2 pm -9pm and Sat & Sun 9am to 6pm. We will need some help Friday morning to finish setting up and after 6 on Sunday to tear down. We are also looking for volunteers to bring the trailer and the smoker down to Scott Torrey’s house near the drags the prior weekend or during the week so they are there for Thursday night. If you are interested in working the drags or helping with the trailers or any other way please let us know. Also see info on the calendar page for the orginizational meeting and trailer loading in the weeks prior to the event! Thank you

Sean Pinard 603-785-4907

Lisa Charrette 603-538-2733

Stephen Jones Sr. 603-986-1794  

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