As many of you are aware SOSSC parks the 2 tucker groomers at the Ossipee Lake Marina during the winter! The Marina allows us to plug the units in and keeps them in a safe area. The other benefit the Marina offers us is the use of the garage to make repairs, perform maintenance and even thaw out all our equipment including the tuckers when needed. The marina is heated using a used oil burning furnace and thanks to the lower temps we have had this year they are running low and are in need of used engine oil. SOS benefits from the use of this giving us the warm place to work when needed. The marina has reached out to us asking for any donations of used engine oil to help fuel the furnace. Any amount will work although we are looking for larger barrels if possible as it is less work to transfer rather than 1 small jug at a time. If you have or know someone that is looking to get rid of used oil please let us know. If you know of a garage or shop looking to get rid of their used oil please also let us know. You can contact any board member and / or send an e-mail to Thank you for the help and pray for snow!

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