To all, After many hours of work and patience between the Bureau of Trails, Mountain Meadows snowmobile club and members of SOS the bypass trail from corridor 19 running near the Carroll County Sportsman’s Club up to the new trail Mountain Meadows has built going into Conway to bypass the rail road tracks has finally been opened. Through cooperation of all 3 groups the trail was relocated to allow access by the sportsman club! This was a long time coming please respect all landowners and stay on the trail. Also be very careful at the junction of corridor 19 as that intersection will have the tracks running north and south, the access trail to Community Market and now the bypass trail. There could be a good amount of sleds at any given time at that intersection. Thank you all the members of both clubs and the state for your time and energy in making this access trail happen! Thank you to Pike and NH Dot for allowing access for the trail!

Plans are in process to continue the Mountain Meadows with an SOS trail into Madison as well as others to access the junction at corridor 19 for added routes around the tracks through Madison! Stay tuned in the coming summer and next season for updates!

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