To all, please understand trails are not open until December 15th. This is still up to the local Trail Masters within their clubs trail systems.

We here at SOS have already had some issues this year and have been contacted by landowners. This is not a great way to start the 2014-2015 seasons.

If the trails are not ready or not enough snow they may or may not get opened. Riding on limited snow can damage the ground under the snow! We need to respect ours and all landowner’s properties. If we do not have them we have no trails. Also off trail riding is prohibited in most areas. We can possibly ruin the chance of possible trails if we damage the properties of future landowners. Please respect all the state laws and our club’s as well as other clubs decisions about the trails. We will post on FB and the web when trails are open as well as what trails may be open and or closed.

Thank you all for your support! Sean Pinard VP SOSSC


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