Calling all members, I have begun preparations for the 2015 Grass Drags SOS food booth!

Some key points I would like to put out there. My job has changed in the last year causing me to travel a lot and be very busy; also Lisa Charrette has also changed jobs making her schedule very busy with odd hours. This year Lisa will only be advising for me and I want to thank her for her many many years and heavy commitment to the event and our club!

That being said I will be looking for all kinds of help this year before, during and after the event. We are also in a position of losing our trailer storage location as Scott Torrey is selling and moving North. He is working on arrangements for the trailers but it is still in the air at this time. Also thank you to Scott for the use of his property for many years!

Please let me know if you can help in any way. The dates for all major parts are on the web and on the event page. You can respond to the event or contact me directly

For those working the event, I caught some grief last year (all in good fun) on the booth apparel. I purchased a matching orange sweatshirt as it can be cold down there. I will do my normal order of orange t shirts for the event within the next few weeks and can order sweatshirts if anyone wants them. I am keeping it simple with 1 style standard crew style, orange with our logo. Current price is $14.00 each with a couple dollars for XXL and bigger. I also use mine for trail work. If you are interested please let me know and I will compile a list for an order. If I see a large qty coming in I will set up a line on square for payment. Or you can send a check to the club if you prefer. To add to this if you have kids looking for a t-shirt or sweat shirt the prices are the same. Just let me know and the size.

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