To all, it is that time of year again where the summer is winding down.  Our next event on our list is the NHSA Grass Drags. We will once again be having our food booth at the event featuring Turkey Legs. We have already started the prep work and will be doing more and more as the time gets closer. This event runs Columbus Day Weekend. We are in need of help throughout the next 6 weeks as well as the event itself. We load the trailer the week prior and set up Thursday afternoon / evening. Our booth is operating Friday morning some for breakfast then during the event. Friday 2-6 Sat 9-6 and Sunday 9-6 with take down after 6 Sunday. We need at least 12 people to run the booth efficiently. Last year we were very short handed and were not able to open the second side of the booth. We also had to lean on the volunteers we had more than usual. We like to cycle people throughout the day so no one gets stuck at the booth all day, making a need for more than 12 a day.

. If you can help us with this event at any time please let us know. You can respond this this post, the event page (where there is more info) or contact the club @ You can also contact Sean Pinard (Grass Drags Chair) @ 603-785-4907 or via e-mail @

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you.

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