To all, please be advised we are volunteers and memberships to include vouchers do not happen overnight! You have a few options for membership. Click on the upper right corner tab “membership application” you can print out and mail or scan and e-mail, Address info below. Be Aware this option can take over a week!

SOS PO Box 185 Madison NH 03849 / e-mail

TO PAY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE – please click HERE, to go to our Square register to use your credit card.

You will still need to fill out a membership form! Use the Membership Application button top right of this page. Fill the form out completely and legibly. It is a fill form so you can type it out.

Please check your spam folder in your e-mail for your voucher. We will e-mail the link and we have seen a few end up in spam.

You can also join our club directly on the NHSA website and get a voucher for your registration. Click on the below link for NHSA

If you are local and are looking to register right away, Profile Powersports has our applications and can get you set up right away.

If you have any questions or have not received your voucher within a reasonable time please contact us or visit the Officers page on our website @ and contact Mike Roberts or any member of the Board of Directors. Thank you


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