To all, unfortunately no one has volunteered to host and cook the roast beef for our Christmas meeting / party.

We will be changing the meal to be pot luck as we have had in the past. If you are attending please bring something to add to our meal. Thank you

Pot Luck will be followed by a VERY brief General Meeting before turning the night over to our Christmas Party and Yankee Swap.
The guidelines for those wishing to participate in the Yankee Swap are as follows:

Gifts should not exceed $15.00 in value. Women should bring a wrapped gift for a woman and men should bring a wrapped gift for a man.

For children under the age of 15, parents should bring a wrapped gift for your own child. Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly written on their gift from “Santa”. They will NOT swap. Children over fifteen years of age can be included in the adult Yankee Swap and should follow the same rules as the adults.
Please bring non-perishable food items for donations to our local charities!



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