To all, our season has begun. we will be having trail work parties every Saturday meeting at the club house 8:00am until the snow flies or as needed. we have some brushing to do and bridges to be built. Stay tuned to FB, the web and the e-mails for more info.

Jodi George will be heading up the Open Houses for this year. Thank you to Ann, Mac and Donna for their years of service. They are taking a break and we hope to see them around the club when they have a chance. Jodi will be looking for volunteers to host open house and she will be setting up a calendar for sign up. We host open houses every Saturday at the club house for our members and guests from 11:00 – 4:00 during the trail season and providing conditions allow. Host will need to get there around 10:00 for set up and prep. We ask hosts to supply soups chowders and chili’s if possible. Other foods and drinks we will try to keep stocked. The club will reimburse for any funds neededĀ for the day. We do have volunteers that will supply food from time to time so please ask and coordinate with Jodi. Donations always help. We have heat at the club and can / will be turned on normally around 7:00 to get things warmed up as well as volunteers to help get fires started. If you are interested in helping out let us know. You can get any contact info from our Club Officers page.

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