To all our members,

New Voucher Rules, for 2018-2019 season

It is vital that you are informed of the new F&G policy that requires a voucher for the registration discount.

You will not be able to register your sled at a local vendor without a voucher, they will not register using the club number as in the past. Make sure you are proactive and get your membership and voucher early so there will be no delay when the snow flies.

You will be receiving a membership letter in the mail in the next week or so and there will be instruction on how to get your voucher once you join. If you have any questions please contact Mike Roberts our Membership Chair. phone numbers are on our web page under Club Officers.

Below is more info as needed. Thank you and look to see you on the trails. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE SNOWMOBILERS: How To Get The NH Snowmobile Registration Discount Important: To qualify for a club membership discount of $30 per sled, an NHSA voucher must be presented to the Registration Agent due to legislative changes. GET THE DISCOUNT 1) You need to join a club before registering your sled Options:

  1. Go to to join a club online and instantly get your voucher. Direct link
  2. Contact a club and request a voucher. List of NH Snowmobile Clubs:

2) Get Your Voucher

  • If you are logged into the NHSA website, go to “Save/Print Voucher” on the left side of the page.
  • If you contacted a club directly, ask them for a voucher.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I get a voucher at a store or dealership? While some stores might have a computer available to join a club and get the voucher, the majority will not. Can I use my phone or mobile device? Yes. You can join a club with a mobile device at NHSA.COM and use it to display your voucher immediately. Direct link Can I join a club at a store? That’s how I used to do it. If the store offers paper membership forms, you can join but won’t be able to access the voucher immediately, as it needs to be processed by the club later on. If the store offers online club membership, do so as outlined above.

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