Thank you all the helped out and attended. Thank you to Stacy and her crew they pulled off a great event! the trails were amazing the day was beautiful. Thank you to all the companies that supported and donated to the event and ultimately to our trail system.

We had some great runs for the radar run and some great food. our pictures are all posted on our FB page.

Winning information listed below

Radar Run:

52 sleds participated.

Average Highest Speed, 1000 Class: 89 MPH, Steve Borges
500 LC Class:            1st Place: Wyatt Pepi;     73 MPH

600 LC Class: 1st Place: John Tarr; 77 MPH

2nd Place: Sandy Osgood;   75 MPH

3rd Place: Wayne Delano;   75 MPH

700 LC Class: 1st Place: Tom Harmon;     86 MPH

2nd Place: Derek Harmon;   84 MPH

3rd Place: Brad Pelletier; 75 MPH

800 LC Class: 1st Place: Ricky Gaudreau; 89 MPH

2nd Place: Dave Charrette; 87 MPH

3rd Place: Justin Dolan;   84 MPH

1000 LC Class: 1st Place: Steve Borges;   89 MPH (Top Avg. Speed)

2nd Place: Rick Gaudreau;  83 MPH

3rd Place: Jim Wentworth;  83 MPH

1200 4 Stroke: 1st Place: John Sheridan;     85 MPH

2nd Place: Dave Charrette;    81 MPH

3rd Place: Anthony Addonizio; 80 MPH


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