To all our members and guests. Pending snow conditions, we will have the Goe Hill trail open this year. This trail runs from “T” Junc (three fingers) toward Madison by Bald Ledge and back to “Q” Junction. (last Junc near the clubhouse). This trail completes the loop in our system for the Clubhouse. We have not had it in a few years due to a landowner concern.

Be advised this trails has been slightly re-routed which includes about 100 yards of road on Goe Hill. There is livestock near this trail and it still crosses said landowner’s property on part of the old trail. Fortunately we will still have the lookout. This is a very sensitive area and cannot be abused. Stay on the marked trail at all times and ride with caution on the road and in a manner not to disturb the livestock. This took a ton of work by multiple members over the last year and we don’t want to lose it again. Thank you all for your cooperation! SOS Trail Crew

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