To all we will be holding a General Meeting for March @ the Clubhouse This coming Saturday the 20th the time has been adjusted to 4:00 pm. Details are below. If you have questions please contact any BOD member.


  • General Meeting March 20 at the clubhouse @ 4:00 pm
  • There will be no dinner
  • There will be no zoom capabilities
  • Masks will be required
  • Social Distancing will be required
  • If you do not want to attend please have questions or concerns sent to a BOD member prior to the day of the meeting
  • If you would like copies of previous meeting minutes please contact a member of the BOD to get the prior to the March meeting.
  • If you are working or plan on working an event and require funds you should provide the budget for said event so it can go to the financial committee and BOD Budget voting is covered in the April meeting but we need time to review. (this does not need to be at that meeting but wouldn’t hurt)
  • There will be a couple items we need to vote on in March due to timing requirements
  • The BOD will provide meeting minuets to anyone requesting by the following Saturday via e-mail or mail
  • BOD elections are in April if you are looking to run for a position please let the BOD know all positions are available Current BOD is willing to stay on.
  • BOD contact information is on the Website under the club officers tab.

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