As of July 1 the membership portal has opened!

As we all enjoy the dog days of summer, I am sure that we are all looking forward to this season’s first snow fall. As of July 1, we are entering yet another SOS season!

As we look ahead it’s time to renew our memberships. Our club is possible through the hard work of our membership and dues. Dues will once again be thirty-five dollars this season ($35.00).

We encourage everyone to log on with NHSA and join via the membership portal. It is the fastest and best way for renewal. The portal can be found @

If you prefer to join via mail, please fill out our membership form. One is attached or can be found on our website @ You can mail a check or pay on-line via square @ https//, also via the website. The electronic form is a fillable form so you can type in your info. Be advised this takes time, due to mail processing and membership processing. If you are looking to join and register your sleds right away the best way to get a voucher fast is through the NHSA portal.

What your dues do for you and the SOSSC:

    • $10.00 goes to the NHSA for membership & your subscription to Snow Traveler Magazine. Membership allots the club one delegates for voting within NHSA. We encourage your family to become a member of the SOS family.
    • $25.00 goes to support SOS activities, open houses, work parties, grooming/ trail conservation, the clubhouse, & Family events.

Remember our club is active year-round, fundraising, socializing, and working on our trail system. Please keep an eye on our website as well as our Facebook page for upcoming events.

Again, thank you for your support & the Board of Directors look forward to seeing each one of you again this season!

If you have any questions regarding memberships, please contact Jim Habib @

Or contact any BOD member, contact info is listed on officers page.

SOS Club

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