To all, as you all know the warm weather both times put a hurting on our trail system as with other systems. The recent snow was not very helpful overall. It was dry fluffy snow and fell on Icey trails. After packing we were limited to at best a couple inches added to icy trails and in some area’s dirt already. Grooming continued this past Saturday night and many trails were brough back to life in some capacity.  Warmer temps Sunday did not help much it was not bad but not helpful. We are going to try to get out in the next night or 2 to re-evaluate once again and groom if possible.

At this time the trails remain open however, concerns are icy conditions, open water bars, running water, low snow with rocks and stumps showing and dirt areas. Ride with caution and be prepared to turn around. Please do not ride off trail and on what is grassy area’s in our landowners properties. As always respect our landowners and their property, without them we have nothing.

We will update once again as soon as we can.


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