Below is a Tentative list of work for this coming Saturday Snow Fall could make all this change!

  • Send out groups for limb and tree work on trails
  • Unload steel from the Marina currently @ Dave G’s
  • Re-sign temp trail to lake at dam (possibly move the dock over some)
  • Wet area, calumet behind Dave G needs chips – Rif Raf
  • Wet area, behind log yard near big bridge needs chips – Rif Raf
  • Evaluate X junction Bridge – Check Chimney Trail
  • Check trail from P junction to 153 – need brushing
  • Check trail from P junction to Bennet Rd – needs brushing (sign work)
  • Signage near P Junction
  • Window Shelf for Open Houses
  • Finish Propane overhang
  • Old Windows from porch to be moved to attic
  • Bring Chipper to Clubhouse and park for winter possibly inside
  • Finish Fuel Tank Set up @ Dave G’s Lot for Tuckers (pump on order)
  • Gator Tracks on

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