Ok all we finally have some snow so we are opening the Bob Silva Memorial Bridge Photo Contest. We don’t have this trail fully open so we lose a lot of traffic on this bridge.

The Rules are simple. Travel to the Bob Silva Memorial Bridge located off corridor 19, SOS “H” Junction. Take a Photo of you & / or your group @ the Bridge with the Bob Silva Sign in the back ground. Send the picture via FB Messenger or via Email to sosclub@sossc.com Include Your Full name & Phone Number! You will be Entered into a Raffle that will be Drawn @ the April 2023 General Meeting. The Winner will Receive a 2023 – 2024 SOS Membership, SOS Challenge Coin & an SOS 50th Drink Tumbler. Remember there is not access to the SOS system from this location, and only walking access to the Village Store

We are looking forward to what we get. The signs are out and the trail has been groomed. Send in them photo’s

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