So, we got another blast of heavy wet snow, although we have 2 full days to the weekend and questionable weather coming at this time, we will remain open. Most trails as of today have been packed or groomed. The powerlines and Leadmine road are closed as well as junction D to 41E as there is a lot of mud, water, and rocks.

Calumet and the trail next to Ossipee Lake road are currently ok but very spring like conditions and will be questionable at best this weekend. Ossipee Lake road to Fred Jones Bridge is in great shape overall, 41 to F is in pretty good shape, watch for open water holes forming. The airstrip is showing signs of water holes but overall, in good shape, the main trails out to black brook, E junction, to G are in good to great shape. There is a good water hole after G junction, but you can sneak around it. After that to the clubhouse is good. “Three Fingers” T junction out to M in good shape, bald ledge currently in great shape, Mover Goe hill to the clubhouse is in good to great shape. Switchbacks are in good shape, T to top of the switchbacks has some rough trail but overall good. The chimney trail has not been evaluated as of today.

We also managed to run the tracks from F to community Market including the Bob Silva Bridge. They are ok overall, rails showing in places, some short areas wide open but much of trail is good!

At the end of the day this morning most of the system is good to great shape.

This will likely be it for the season. Warm weather coming.

Get out and get one last ride. The end is near!

We hope to update on the web and FB with more info by the end of the week.

The SOS Clubhouse will be open Saturday regardless as we will be cooking Corned Beef & Cabbage for the meeting. Come by warm up and grab a bite to eat.

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