Start Date: 05 February 2021

End Date: 07 February 2021

Place: Town & Country Inn & Resort Gorham NH

We hate be the one to tell you this and some may already know however the 2021 Easter seals ride in has been changed and will be going virtual! That means the event will not go on as it has in the past. The committee will be trying to come up with some great ideas to hold it virtual and make the event go on one way or another. The county baskets are still on and any other fundraisers they will try to make happen as well. Stay tuned

That being said, many in our group have already expressed interest in going anyway. This of course is your choice. Keep in mind all the current challenges we face in these uncertain times.  

Currently We have advised the hotel to keep our names on the books while I reach out to you all and find out what everyone wants to do. The few in our core group that already knew of this as of a few days ago have already stated that they will go and we can go up as a club and keep it as a “club ride / weekend”! I know I will be going.  

If you are still interested please let me know and I will continue to work with the hotel to schedule our rooms for the weekend.  

So we are still doing the auctions which includes our Carrol County basket. This year’s basket is “Entertainment”. Agreed this one is more challenging than in other years but we can do it for sure. 

Some ideas are movie or show tickets, theme parks, even game tickets to our NE teams or even local ones. We can even go back old school with board games or up a few years video games or consoles! Start working your brains to come up with other ideas and more importantly go out and get those donations.  

We have done the Ride-In with no snow and still bested our donations to Camp Sno-Mo so let’s not let those kids down. With any luck they will be back and Camp this year and we need to help make sure they can afford to go. 

Sean Pinard @ Scrub Oaks will be heading up the basket for Carrol County so bring any donations to the SOS Clubhouse. If you have something you need picked up let us know maybe we can help. Virtual Ride-In is scheduled for the week of Feb 8th so we need the basket items by Jan 27th so we can bring them to NHSA.

Standard Info on the ride-in below


To all, mark your calendars. verse_ref('verse_ref('The 49','','The','49')','','The','49')th anniversary Easter Seal – Ride-In to benefit Camp Sno-Mo @ Town and Country Inn & Resort Feb 5th – Feb 7th. 

The Theme this year is “To Be Announced” be ready to come up with some fun idea’s to dress up and make a great parade float!  

Sean has already booked rooms and we have 45 rooms with only 8 left available as of 7/13/2020. We have the entire building on the hill same as last year and many rooms on the end of the pool building.

We would like to be even bigger and make a bigger impression for the 49th ride-in. We will be working throughout the year on our ideas and building our decorations and possibly a float for the parade, Lets win the parade this year! We would also like to walk away with the most amount of club members attending again for 2021, as you are aware we killed it last year with 47 attendees. Great job to all! We know the Bogie Busters will be working hard to take it back! Rumor has it, Baker River Valley also keeps sneaking in and could be planning a takeover of the award!

Over all what a great time with all the clubs the kids, NHSA and all attendees, and YES, NERF GUN WARS ARE ON AGAIN NEXT YEAR SO GEAR UP AND START COLLECTING BULLETS AND UPGRADING YOUR GUNS IF NEEDED! 

If you have ideas for decorations or floats let us know. Believe it or not we have already begun. We will have some room in our budgets for supplies but any help from our members would be great let us know what you can do. Also stay tuned for fundraisers we do, where proceeds go to Camp-Sno-Mo via the event, we want to kill our donations again next year.


Sean Pinard has volunteered to head this up. He will be handling ALL SOS bookings. We will be booking all rooms Thursday – Sunday as many go up early. Sean will need to know when you will arrive so he can set everyone up with rooms and dates!

If you are interested in joining us, contact Sean via e-mail @ or call him @ 603-785-4907, please leave a message and call back number!

Thank you for all you do and we hope to see many of you at the event!

Many of us head up early on Thursday night for a nice relaxing night prior to the festivities! We even have a few that ride up from Madison so let us know if you are interested in the ride! It is about 2 ½ hours by trail!

There are many activities during the event to include auctions, costume parade, buffet dinner and breakfast, shows, face painting, poker run, scavenger hunt and more! Well of course some great riding.

Link below to NHSA Site!easter-seals-ride-in/c19uc