All our merchandise has been updated with inventory and prices please visit our square store for purchases on-line or you can see us at the clubhouse.

Any questions please contact Amber Oakes 315-771-3904 or via e-mail @

You can purchase merchandise, memberships, tickets to any event we offer, as well as make donations. You can also purchase food at any of our events through square using your credit card.

During the season our merchandise will be available at the clubhouse.


We have reprinted the maps to include our trail closings. 

Much of the info and vendors have updated. Please support all vendors that have advertised on our maps.

Below is a list of locations that sell our maps. this is from last year. As we get them out there we will update this list. 

Map Vendor Locations below:

  • The Scrub Oak Scramblers Clubhouse, Madison NH
  • Profile Power Sports, Conway NH
  • Community Market and Deli, Madison NH
  • Yankee Smoke House, Ossipee NH
  • Watsons General Store, Ossipee NH
  • Barton’s Motor Sports, Tamworth NH
  • Canoe King, Tamworth NH
  • Kevin’s Discount and Beverage, Ossipee NH
  • Discount II Mobil, Conway NH
  • Boyle’s Family Market, Effingham NH
  • M&V Convenience, Center Ossipee NH
  • Danforth Bay Campground, Freedom NH
  • Northstar Performance, Conway NH
  • G.A. Mack Auto, Tamworth NH
  • If you have any questions or comments please contact us @

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