Date: Saturday 12 December 2020

Time: 07:30am

Place: SOS Club House 368 Pound Road Madison NH

Ok all, so as of right now it looks like rain this Saturday but not till later in the day maybe evening. We have a bridge to do some work to which will take a handful of guys, We have had some trees come down on the trails as well as a few still to walk. Also some signs and maintenance out at Q junction. Could be more issues with trees as we already found one down at T junction. We will be doing breakfast at 7:30 then heading out to get ahead of the weather.

We are getting ready to move to the Tuckers also so we may have some work there not sure yet. However we do need to get the Gator tracks to the Marina.

Let us know if you can help thanks.

Trail work party, meet at the club house @ 7:30 for breakfast trail work to start around 8 am unless previously indicated that week to meet elsewhere. This is a great way to help the club out and maintain our trails!

Details of the work for the day will come via e-mail from our vertical response system or will be explained that day. The club has tools however any hand tools, saws, etc are welcome. Dress for the weather that day and for work in the woods. Jobs may include but not limited to bridge work, tree and brush removal, seeding, chipping and stump removal.

If you do not receive the e-mails each week (usually on Wednesday) and want to please let us know. In most cases we will have info on what we are doing for the e-mail. Send your info to the club e-mail @

Thank you and we look forward to having you there!