Ok all, so I may have jumped the gun a little. Trying to hook up with a local company to transport and get us on the river has been a logistical nightmare. However I did manage to find a spot to put in the river downstream near the rail road bridge. This should give us a good 2 – 2 ½ tube ride on tubes depending on the current. Recent consensuses has indicated tubing instead of kayaking. Our normal put in spot would be a good 8 hours on a tube. Please let me know if you are interested in tubing instead. We will still do this on our own however transporting tubes will be less work and by road is only about 5-8 min up the road where will put in. If it is much shorter will can just hang in the river or back at our campsites. Either way it will be fun. You will need to provide tubes for yourselves. We can also blow them up when we get to the loading area if needed. Please let me know either on this post or email me at smpinard@roadrunner.com. It would be nice to get a head count early. I am thinking heading up river at 11:00 am Reminder I have 2 sites available for campers and plenty of tent room. If you are a member the site is paid for by the club for 2 nights. Our gift to our members in the off season.

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