Ok all, given our survey on FB it looks like we are a go for the weekend of the October 17th 2020!

This is likely a 2 day job and we will need all hands on deck! Currently we have about 10 people but will need more if we are to get this done that weekend and correctly. Please let us know if you can help so we know how many we have and just as important we have food and drinks.

We will be doing breakfast and lunch for all helping and will supply drinks for hydration!

Bring tools, ladders and we still may need some staging. We will work on getting the rest of the supplies to be ready when we start! We have other projects that will likely need to be finished so if we have an excess of people don’t worry we will have plenty to do!

Our Clubhouse is one of our greatest assets and it will be great to have a good clean roof as well as many other items repaired, changed and improved! It is a staple of our club and visited by snowmobilers from all over! We are all be proud and blessed to have it and the property it is on. The club house has been there since 1983 when it was brought in off the “Kanc” and reassembled on its current location, thanks to our members during that time!

Thank you all for your help & support!


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