To all our members, We at SOS are hoping everyone is doing well and staying safe as well as having a great summer at least as best you can in the wake of COVID-19!

Our season is vast approaching and as many of you are aware due to COVID the NHSA Grass Drags and Water Crossing was canceled for 2020! Talk about a kick in the crackers! It is what it is. It was not an easy decision and all anyone wants is for everyone to be safe.

That being said the Grass Drags is historically our largest fund raiser and we will take a pretty big hit financially due to it. To add to it with rotten timing we have had some pretty big projects going on! You will get to see many come this fall. NHSA and the State are working on other opportunities for funding and many look like they will help but they are not a guarantee and we really don’t know the income from it for our club if any!

We are asking all our members to join early if possible and if you have the means any donations will be much appreciated and helpful. We understand many of you are in the same situation and may not have the funds to give and that is ok. Our membership is our most important asset! We appreciate anything and everything we get. If you can’t help us financially we always need help with trail work and clubhouse work. We have been at the club almost every weekend but it is random at this time. Come into October we will officially start our season and be pretty much around every Saturday as needed. Watch the web and FB for updated info.

Attached is a copy of our membership form if you need it, it is a fill form PDF so you can type in the info and print out. If you can please visit the SOSSC / NHSA page and join on-line! The link is below.


We are also asking for ideas for other types of fundraisers and more importantly anyone willing to take on that task and head one up. We need more of our members to jump in and help with new ideas, both the idea itself and executing the project. Please let us know if you can help.

As long as things keep moving forward our first meeting of the season will be Saturday Oct 17th. Without the Grass Drags we will not be loading and un-loading the trailer. Currently our first official work party is also Oct 17th however as stated we will likely be up at the clubhouse most weekends. Come by if you can help?

One Item we will be scheduling a complete weekend for and will be needing quite a bit of help is a new roof. We have had long standing leaks and had a tree fall on the clubhouse this summer. It is time to replace the metal roofing. We will be getting cut to length panels and all the materials. We have some staging available but may need more. We will need people who can work on a roof. We could also use some help from anyone that is good with masonry / chimneys and flashing! We will want to make sure the area of the roof around the chimney is 100% when we are done.

This is one item we need to start and finish the same weekend so plan for 2 days if you can. We will get a date out ASAP.

As always we thank you all for your continued support of our club and appreciate any help in any way. We are looking forward to a great winter and riding season. We need it bad thanks to Covid-19!

If you have any questions feel free to contact anyone on the Board of Directors and we will respond as soon as possible. Attached is the BOD contact information!

Be safe and Pray for Snow!

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