Ok all, as many of you know due to COVID 19 the Ride-In has gone virtual this year. It will be very challenging but as snowmobilers NHSA is going to try to move forward to continue the tradition and our 49th year of the ride-in.  

So we are still doing the auctions which includes our Carrol County basket. This year’s basket is “Entertainment”. Agreed this one is more challenging than in other years but we can do it for sure. 

Some ideas are movie or show tickets, theme parks, even game tickets to our NE teams or even local ones. We can even go back old school with board games or up a few years video games or consoles! Start working your brains to come up with other ideas and more importantly go out and get those donations.  

We have done the Ride-In with no snow and still bested our donations to Camp Sno-Mo so let’s not let those kids down. With any luck they will be back and Camp this year and we need to help make sure they can afford to go. 

Sean Pinard @ Scrub Oaks will be heading up the basket for Carrol County so bring any donations to the SOS Clubhouse. If you have something you need picked up let us know maybe we can help. Virtual Ride-In is scheduled for the week of Feb 8th so we need the basket items by Jan 27th so we can bring them to NHSA.


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