We received a workable snow!  Totals were reported 10″ in Freedom and 15.5″ in Madison (somewhere). The tail end of the storm turned sticky, that’s the stuff we want!  Crews were able to get out and open gates and pack.  Groomers were out last night with the drags making things flat.  We would love to have a more established base but trails are in good shape, signage is good and hazards, little to none.  Groomers will head back out tonight and Friday to clean up.  We will be light staffed for the weekend so take it easy out there.  What you leave Saturday might be what you see Sunday.  Clubhouse will be closed this weekend, but should start opening next Saturday as conditions allow.  Stay tuned to Facebook for the official announcement!  Let’s hope for a safe and snowy February!

Mary’s Mt bypass will remained closed for now. Reminder to stay on the trails and respect our landowners property. Let the riding season begin!

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