This week’s weather was not trail friendly!  With the strong March sun and the late week above average temps our system took a major hit.  We were forced to close some trails, however, many still remain open.  Our plan, if temps allow, is to get out tonight and hit them one more time to fill in some spots and cover others.  Surprisingly, trails to the clubhouse are not too bad.  Trout pond loop and airstrip area are good and trails out of Danforth Bay Camping area remain good.  Mary’s Mt bypass is closed however.  Unless we get a significant amount of snow and cold weather, my believe is, this will be the last chance to get out there and ride in our area.  Conditions could change quickly, so keep an eye on Facebook for last minute updates.

Jodi is expecting to have the clubhouse open this Saturday with a limited capacity. Covid restrictions are tight and we will continue to do our best to accommodate. The clubhouse bathroom will be closed to all but the workers. We will have a porta potti on site. Please be patient with the volunteers they are doing their best. Please make sure to bring masks, you will not be allowed in the building without them. Time inside will be limited to ordering, serving food and merchandise only.  The kitchen window from the main entrance area has been set up as a service window.

Thank you all for your support.


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