To all our Members & Guests, although this year like so many in recent years was short and snow has been questionable to say the least, we would like to acknowledge that we had a pretty good winter overall. The trails for the time we had them were top notch not only to our amazing groomer operators but pre-season prep work by all our members and volunteers. We managed to pull off a handful of open houses which were a huge success. Winter Carnival although seemed to wait for final call even during the wee hours of the night before we managed to pull off and also was a great success. At the end of the day Winters are becoming a real work of art and it is the continued support of our Landowners, the volunteers, members and guests of our Club and system that make this all happen and well worth all the efforts!

For so many snowmobiling all aspects of it, is a way a life, a past time, a hobby & a release to make life so much better!

In short we would like to thank all of you, our members, our landowners, volunteers, all the members that take on a chair position & head something up and all the people that help them, the ones you see out there maybe in the groomers or at an event, the people behind the scenes you almost never see but work countless hours to make sure things are ready and all the guests who visit our system, our open houses and events.

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