Landowner Appreciation BBQ

May 10th, 2018
To all, due to limited response on the event we are downsizing it a little. we will not be doing a full pig but will be doing a BBQ, to include pulled pork, smoked ribs burgers, dogs, fries, rings and sides to go with it. Let us know if you will be around.

General Meeting / End of Season Trail Work

April 16th, 2018

We will be having an end of season trail-work and clubhouse clean up next Saturday! We will be taking up the mat on the silver lake dam, snow fence and signs at calumet, snow-fence at Fred’s bridge and whatever else we need! Also cleaning up at the clubhouse! Stay tuned we may do breakfast at the clubhouse!

Don’t forget our last general meeting including voting for a new BOD and summer and preseason budgets!

The Club will reimburse for the cost of the Ham for the dinner all members are encouraged to bring their favorite side dish or desert to complement our meal.

We are looking for someone to host, and cook the dinner! General Meeting will follow the dinner.

If you are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors, Please contact us through the club e-mail @

You must meet the criteria set forth in our By-Laws to run for BOD! Please make sure you come buy join us for some food and fun and make sure we get things moving for the next season!


March 25th, 2018

To all, unfortunately as of today March 25, 2018 the Trail master has made the decision to close our trails for the season. All gates are being closed. Do not ride on SOS trails and do not go around gates. Please respect our landowners and their properties. Without them we have no trails. It was a rough winter and fortunately we had a couple of late storms which got us back up and running a few more weeks of riding. We hope everyone had a great season! Thank you all for your support and are looking forward to next year. Keep an eye out for summer activities and early season events and trail work. Don’t forget we still have 1 more meeting in April and our Annual Meeting as well as our Landowner appreciation dinner / event of some kind TBA. We will update FB and the web in the late spring or early summer with all currently scheduled summer and 2018-2019 season. Please be ready to volunteer for any events, fundraisers, work parties and open houses. We really need some new blood and more help. Our older generation and regulars are getting tired and could use some help. Without all of you, our members we have no club! Thank you all and have a great summer / off season!!!


Ladies Paint Night Canceled

February 26th, 2018

Unfortunately this event has been canceled! We needed a good 10 people and had to be pre-paid to follow through. Sorry to anyone that was going to attend.